Weekend Fun in Phoenix Arizona

Weekend Fun Entertainment in Phoenix

“Every bodies working for the weekend…” – Huey Lewis

Fun Weekend Activities Phoenix ArizonaAre you one of those that lives for your weekends? So are we! We love our weekends at Jester’Z because that is when we can just play and have fun! We love our jobs because we can get to entertain an average of 600 people every weekend! It is genuinely as fun for us as it is for you… and we have a saying at Jester’Z, “If you’re not having fun, why do improv?” After shows audience members will often comment on how much fun it looked like we were having. But that is just us…

We can’t speak for our audience, so we let them speak for themselves. Here are a couple of quotes from audience members about how fun our weekend shows are. But, honestly… don’t take there word for it either, come out to a show, try it out. If we aren’t one of them funniest weekend activities you have done in Phoenix, you’re only our a couple of bucks.

Here is how we do it, it’s improv so we come to the audience for suggestions like, people, places and things and the performers uses those suggestions to make instant hilarity on stage. Each show is unique, and each show is hilarious. All shows are all-ages appropriate with no vulgarity or lewd and crude material.

We have shows every friday and Saturday night and also special occasion shows as well. Reservations are required: 480-423-0120

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