April 26, 2011


[testimonial company=”Yelp.com” author=”Wendy K” image=””]
This is one of my favorite places to take out of town guests. It never fails that we laugh so hard our sides hurt! Always fresh, always funny! Great place for a date night or family night! Even my teenagers love it! I never have to worry about offending my guests because their content is family friendly.
[testimonial company=”Yelp.com” author=”Brandon L” image=””]
I LOL just thinking about some of the cast members and skits that I have seen at Jesterz. The first time I saw Jesterz, I was expecting it to be pretty awkward and honeslty didn’t know what to expect. I was blown away how funny it got at times. Good clean funny. We went again soon after the first time but didn’t go again for a good 2 years, we went back recently and was kinda worried as the crowd was not as big as past times. Even with a smaller crowd there were tons of LOL moments. Writing about it kinda makes me want to go back.
[testimonial company=”Yelp.com” author=”Andrew K” image=””]
Funny improv comedy troupe – good clean fun for the whole family. Word of warning, though: don’t go too often. It’s almost completely not funny to me any more because I’ve been there so many times over the last few years. They tend to stick with the same routines and sketches, with relatively little variation from month to month. It’s hilarious the first few times, but after about a dozen visits things start to get a little predictable. I still go, and laugh now and again, but it’s more fun watching the people who’ve never been before get a total kick out the show.[/testimonial]
[testimonial company=”Yelp.com” author=”Jim L” image=””]
Fans of “Whose Line is It Anyway” will like Jesterz Improv. The cast is smart, funny, and welcoming. It’s a treat to see how five very different personality styles combine on stage to assemble stories from audience suggestions. We took friends on our first visit and had a great time. You’ll definitely have something to talk about after the show. I appreciate that the ground-rules keep things from veering into the gutter, thereby encouraging creativity. That doesn’t mean it’s the best fit for young kids though. The sweet spot for this “all ages” show is probably teens to adults.[/testimonial]
[testimonial company=”ShowUp.com” author=”Colin” image=””]
YOU GUYS WERE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! L-O-V-E-D yeti musical and all the other amazing skits!!! because of you I have two things on my to do list: 1. go to Jester’Z Improv again! 2. Order a legit chicken from panda express![/testimonial]
[testimonial company=”ShowUp.com” author=”Dan” image=””]
My girl friend and I went on our first date to this place, 9 years ago. 9 years later we got engaged at one of the shows, talk about full circle! We were engaged Valentine’s Day 2011! Thank you so much to the Jesterz for making the Valentines Day wedding proposal such a huge success. Thank you to Jef and all the talent on stage. Wow what a great night she really had no clue. Thank you so much for all the hard work everyone put in to making it a success. Like Sharon said, YOU GUYS ROCK! Thanks again to all involved this Valentine Day memory will last forever. By the way , nice touch with the Beyonce song- put a ring on it. [/testimonial]
[testimonial company=”InsiderPage.com” author=”Denise R” image=””]
Went to Jester’z for my sister’s birthday last weekend and absolutely loved it! The show was very professional and hilarious.
The theater is really small (maybe only fits 140ish), so you really have an intimate setting for a comedy show. The performers i saw were all very good, there were a couple that were a little better then the others but for the most part they were all excellent.
The best part was that the comedy was clean and void of sexual, vulgar or crudeness. We didn’t bring the kids but we will next time we go!
I would recommend this show to anyone and everyone…[/testimonial]
[testimonial company=”InsiderPage.com” author=”Mike S” image=””]
I have been to Jesterz Improv Comedy several times with my family and with friends. Each time is totally original and hilarious. As far as comedy goes these guys are the best I know of. The best part is that all their shows are family friendly so you don’t have to worry about cussing, or vulgarity.
If they have one con, it would be that I wish we could get tickets online. As it is, you have to call in and make reservations… and it isn’t always the most accurate.[/testimonial]