For over 22 years, JesterZ Improv has entertained hundreds of organizations!

  • Corporate Events
  • Private Parties
  • Church Groups
  • Youth Groups
  • School Assemblies
  • Charity Fundraisers
  • Awards Banquets
  • …and many more!
List of Clients who have worked with JesterZ Improv - CLICK TO EXPAND
  1. 500+ Private Parties (birthdays, weddings, etc)
  2. ADP
  3. Aetna
  4. A.R.M.L.S.
  5. Accenture
  6. Achengardner Contractors
  7. ACSS Engineering
  8. AG Spectrum
  9. Alliance Residential
  10. American Cancer Society
  11. American Express
  12. American Heart Association
  13. ARC of Tempe
  14. Arcadia Neighborhood Learning Center
  15. Arizona State Fair
  16. A.S.A. of AZ
  17. Ashton Woods Homes
  18. ASU
  19. ASU College of Law
  20. ASU West
  21. AT&T
  22. Autozone
  23. AZ Dept of Corrections
  24. AZ House of Representatives
  25. AZ Lutheran Academy
  26. AZ Hospital and Healthcare Assoc.
  27. B.O.M.A.
  28. Bank of America
  29. Banner Hospitals
  30. C.O.P.S.
  31. Carefree Caring Clowns
  32. Cendant Corporation
  33. Central Christian
  34. Central High School
  35. CES Seminary
  36. Chandler Hospital
  37. Charles Shwab
  38. Cheyenne Elementary 2nd Grade
  39. Choice Network
  40. Christ Community Church
  41. Christ Lutheran Church
  42. Circle K Corp.
  43. City of Hope
  44. Colony Insurance
  45. Commission of the Arts
  46. Computer Buddies
  47. Costco
  48. CVS Pharmacy
  49. Dairy Queen
  50. DBL Distributors
  51. Desert Mountain High School
  52. Desert Ridge Jr. High
  53. Epic-Premier Insurance
  54. Exhibit One
  55. Fadell Cheney & Burt Law office
  56. Ford Motor Credit
  57. Fountain of Life Fellowship
  58. Fuji Film
  59. Get Out Expo / Tribune Newspaper
  60. Gilbert Church
  61. GoDaddy
  62. Golba Group
  63. Gold Canyon Candle Company
  64. Grace Community Church
  65. Grace United Methodist Church
  66. Grand Canyon University
  67. Greenway High School
  68. GreyStar
  69. Hamilton High School
  70. Hamilton Sundstrand
  71. High Tech Institute
  72. High Trek Adventures
  73. Highlands Church
  74. Honeywell
  75. Horizon High School
  76. Hospice Association
  77. Hypercom
  78. IKON Inc.
  79. In-house Productions for Sexual Abuse
  80. Ingersoll-Rand
  81. Intel
  82. JDA
  83. Jewish Singles of AZ
  84. John C Lincoln Hospital
  85. Kammeyer Dentistry
  86. Knight Transportation
  87. LDS Church/ Seminaries/ Institute 25+ performances
  88. LDS Youth Conference
  89. LDSYSA
  90. Leukemia Society
  91. Library of Learning
  92. Living Word Bible
  93. Lou Coopey Photography
  94. M.A.B.E
  95. Mark Taylor Communities
  96. Marriage Ministries
  97. McClintock High School
  98. MDS Pharma-Services
  99. Medicis
  100. Mensa Organization
  101. Mesa Rotary
  102. Milwaukee Brewers Baseball
  103. Mount Carmel Church
  104. Mountain View High School
  105. National Bank of AZ
  106. National Institute for Trail Advocacy
  107. Nations Choice Mortgage
  108. Nebraska Farm Bureo
  109. Northridge Community
  110. Notre Dame Preparatory
  111. Nu-Treat Pest Control
  112. Oasis Ob/Gyn
  113. Oral B
  114. PacWest Financial Management
  115. Palo Verde Middle School
  116. Payson Community
  117. Payson High School
  118. PepsiCo
  119. PetSmart
  120. Phoenix Zoo
  121. Photographers Association
  122. Pinnacle Living
  123. Plumbers Association
  124. Queen Creek High School
  125. School Webmasters
  126. SemiCo Research
  127. Seton Catholic High School
  128. Shadow Mountain High School
  129. Sigma Contracting
  130. Simula Inc.
  131. Southwestern College
  132. SRO Entertainment
  133. St. Pauls Academy
  134. Stapley Jr. High
  135. Stone Bridge Manor
  136. Sun Grove Resort
  137. Target
  138. Teen Ministries
  139. Tempe Visitors Bureau
  140. Temple Solel
  141. Thespian Leadership Conference
  142. TTI Success Insights
  143. UL
  144. University of Arizona Law
  145. USWest Communications
  146. Valley Christian
  147. Vibram
  148. Vineyard Church
  149. Wells Fargo Bank
  150. West Valley Arts Council
  151. Weston Wyatt
  152. Xyron
  153. Y.M.C.A.
  154. Young Life
  155. Youth at Risk

“I want to reiterate just how impressed we truly were! We would be interested in discussing a repeat workshop & performance for next year! We would recommend your services without hesitation.”

Arizona Hospital & Healthcare Association

Need A Venue?

Corporate. Customized. COMEDY!

There are NO scripts in this quick-witted, fast-paced LIVE improvised comedy show that is great for all audiences.  Audience suggestions make EVERY SHOW UNIQUE!

Add a professional improv comedy show to your next event!  Since 2001, the JesterZ have been entertaining audiences of all ages – locally and nationally.  Small audiences in a 10 seat meeting room to an overstuffed Grand Ballroom Conference Center – from Memphis to Maui.

Imagine shouting out ideas from a “typical day around the office” of your company and a handful of comedians act out a hysterical skit ON-THE-SPOT!!   Or suggesting a buzz word that kicks off a comedic 1-act play spoken as if William Shakespeare wrote it.  Or your CEO producing verbal Sound Effects for our actors building a treehouse or mowing the lawn. 

Every show is inspired by audience suggestions.  Every word ad-libed and every scene improvised by professional comedians.

 You provide the topics, we’ll provide a full hour of NON-STOP side-splitting comedy.

Comprised of professional actors, comedians and stand up comics, The JesterZ provide quick-witted, fast-paced on-the-spot comedy skits!  The audience plays an important tole in each show:  suggestions such as a location, an attitude, an emotion, an accent, or maybe a silly secret to be divulged, all suggestions come from YOU: the audience.

No two JesterZ shows are alike, because they are all customized to appeal directly to you and your event.  Let JesterZ Improv Comedy create a unique experience that everyone at your event will be talking about for years.

Request Information - Corporate Show


We are firmly, 100%, absolutely clean comedy.  JesterZ shows are always corporate/family sensitive. All ages are welcome and there is no swearing, vulgarity, off-colored topics or foul content.

We bring 4 comedic performers for each show. 1 host (director) that runs the show so you can sit back and enjoy.  3 improv comics who are professionally skilled to inspire belly laughs from start to finish. This is a tight knit group that have done hundreds of shows together.

We want you to have the funniest night of your life, not for you to have to call a meeting with HR. We will interact with your audience, basing everything we do around their suggestions.  The whole evening, if you wish, can be based entirely around your company, the culture of your day-to-day workplace, your industry, your CEO, your guest of honor, or whatever else you think of.  Since we are expert improvisers, your wish is our command!

It has been our experience that 60 minutes is just the right amount of time for offsite events like this.

Each and Every Show is Unique!

If you like “Whose Line Is It Anyway”, than you will LOVE JesterZ Improv!  No two shows are the same!  JesterZ LPM’s* are always higher than other forms of corporate entertainment.

From the moment you introduce our director (host) you can sit back and relax!  

Our comedy shows are completely made up on the spot and request audience suggestions, questions and even some participation (not required) to inspire each and every skit.  Don’t worry, the host will guide the audience through each and every set up.

Each 60 min show has 8-12 showpieces.  A few of our showpieces include:

-A Day in the Life of “Upper Management”
-Office Shakespeare
-Industry Advice Panel
-Backwards Job Interview
-The International Office
-Product Placement

-Office Props
-Work Sound Effects

                                   and many more!

*LPM’s = Laughs Per Minute

Clean Comedy Guaranteed

Yes!  We’ve been entertaining thousands of audiences and corporations for over 22 years, so we are expertly trained to connect with any audience and give them a hilariously customized show.  

Comedy is a gamble.  Improv raises the stakes because you never know what will come out ‘in the moment’.  No need to worry.  JesterZ improv prides itself on being the funniest of the clean. 

Hard hitting professional comedians who have been trained on and off stage to keep the humor appropriate for all ages.  They’ve been trained to perform at schools, churches and corporate clients with high levels of humor, comedy and performance skills. 

Our JesterZ are skilled comedians as well as actors, writers, directors, musicians- you name it!  We bring a variety of talents to each and every show.

Most of our comics at our corporate level have an average of more than 8 years experience with hundreds of shows on their resume.  Some of our long term performers have been with us since 2001 and have done THOUSANDS of shows…  In fact, Jef Rawls (owner and producer, who usually hosts our corporate events), has 27 years experience and over 5,500 shows. 

We need to be seen and heard so that everyone can enjoy the show, regardless of where they are seated.  We highly recommend a stage.  It doesn’t have to be too large, just something large enough to get us off the ground.  Let us know if you have any questions concerning the specific dimensions of your stage, or if you need help acquiring one.

If the room is too large for loud vocals, we need wireless, hands-free microphones so we can be heard.

The stage area needs to be illuminated – but is negotiable depending on the room and current lighting.

We can send a representative out to the location in advance if pictures or video doesn’t give us answers.

Request Information - Corporate Show


Previous Client

International Leadership Conference
Attendance: 200+

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Current / Ongoing Client:

15+ Event Performances & Managers Training (Past 10 years)
Attendance: 50-150 (each event)

Locations: Scottsdale, AZ (10 events)
Chicago, IL
Tampa, FL
Houston, TX
Las Vegas, NV
Palm Springs, CA

Previous Client:

National Sales Manager Conference
Attendance: 400+

Location: Memphis, TN

Previous Client:

Year End Holiday Party
Attendance: 200+

Location: Tempe, AZ

Previous Client:

Awards Banquet: Emcee, Skits and Improv
Attendance: 150+

Location: Glendale, AZ

Previous Client:

National Conference & Awards Banquet
Attendance: 150+

Location: Omaha, NE