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It is common to go to an improv show and think, “How do they do that?! Can I learn how to do that, too??” The answer to the first question can be discovered by taking an improv class, and the answer to the second is… YES…AND You’re Going to Love It!
Improv comedy classes are a wonderful way to explore your own creativity and ways to express yourself. In a beginning improv comedy class, you can expect to learn basic improv principles including:


  • Complete Agreement
  • Emotional Listening
  • Basic Character Development


You can also expect to learn life skills like:


  • Being comfortable presenting in front of groups of people
  • Self confidence
  • Presentation techniques
  • Teamwork
  • Effective Communication and eye contact





Some people think you have to be funny to take an improv class, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, people that are not funny generally have an easier time grasping improv principles because improv is more about funny “happening” and less about “being” funny. So whether you consider yourself funny or not, an improv class is the right choice for you!




The Jester’Z Training Center offers beginning level classes for adults as well as for those with hopes of becoming a Jester or a professional improv performer there is a development track to move onto advanced and performance prep.  The performance prep level is basically a 9 week audition where students are performing and training weekly with the Owner and Producer of Jester’Z, Jef Rawls keeping a close eye on potential future troop members.  While we do have auditions twice a year, almost all of our Main Stage Performers have come up through the Jester’Z Training Center!


We also offer kidz and teen classes each semester during the school year and several summer camp sessions for kids and teens 8-15 years old.



***JesterZ Improv Comedy is 110% CLEAN COMEDY.  Our classes, along with all of our shows, require a higher standard of creativity that is free of vulgarity & off color content – At JesterZ you will learn to be funny without them!


*For any questions regarding classes please contact us at: 480-423-0120 or email [email protected]










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