Free Birthday Tickets – Always

Birthday Activities in Phoenix

Happy Birthday!!  We are really excited you’ve decided to attend a JesterZ show to celebrate this wonderful day!!


Step 1.  Pick a Friday or Saturday within 6 days of your Birthday(This is important!!  You will need to show ID at the box office when you arrive!!)  

Step 2.  Reserve your Birthday ticket and purchase any additional tickets in your party (General Admission*).  Don’t get them mixed up – just cuz it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you get everyone in for free!!

Step 3.  Contact ALL your friends and invite them to what could be the funniest night of their life!!

Step 4. Send them to our website where they can purchase their own tickets.  Tell them “just having you there will be your gift to me.”

Step 5.  On day of show, print your tickets – Look for BOTH Tickets to arrive in your email (Paid General Admission AND your birthday ticket).

Step 6. Present Tickets & ID that proves it is within 6 days of your birthday.

Step 7.  Enjoy the show!

Step 8.  Post a picture or an update on ANY social media of the GREAT time you had!!

Huge Fan

See you on your birthday (or at least within 6 days of your birthday).

*not valid for special events. 


5 thoughts on “Free Birthday Tickets – Always

  • I’m confused. I don’t see where to get coupons, and I don’t understand the birthday ticket deal.
    I’m coming 4/29/16, 7 pm, bringing 2 birthday people (I magnanimously offered to pay for their birthday tickets.)
    I’m also bringing 4 others: 2 old people and 2 teenagers over 16.
    So how do I do this? Does the “birthday ticket” print separately and then I get a refund or when you say both tickets will print do you mean all the tickets will print-birthday and regular?
    Also: I don’t understand how/where to enter the information for everyone coming. I see Attendee 1 and attendee 5-birthday ticket….

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