6 Week Beginning Improv Class | Jester’Z Improv

Improv Comedy
This last 12 week beginning improv class was so overwhelmed with students that we have decided to do a 6 week course starting Saturday February 27th at 9am – 12 noon. Hopefully the Saturday and early morning will accommodate students schedules a little better.

The class will cover the basics of improv including, but not limited to: agreement, listening, emotion, team work, characters and basic scene work. A 6 week course is very intense but does offer some great advantages that the 12 week course does not offer. For example, a 12 week course is sometimes a larger commitment then most people want to make. It also forces the student to focus on fundamental improv principals on a week to week bases with out the interruption of ancillary principles.

The class will be taught by Preston Smith who has been teaching, directing and performing improv comedy with Jester’Z Improv for 3 years.

Class enrollment is $200 and includes 6 weeks of classes and a graduation showcase on April 3rd at 6:00pm (yes, there will be a class on April 3rd in the morning.)

For more information or to register for this class please contact Dalane at 480-423-0120