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When the city of Phoenix, Arizona was founded back in 1861 very few people expected it to turn into the metropolis that it did. Who would believe that a city built in the middle of the desert would end up becoming the sixth most populated city in the United States? Well, in the 150-plus since the city was founded Phoenix has turned into far more than the founders could have ever dreamed of. Phoenix Fun EntertainmentIt’s the largest city in the sixth largest state in the country, and has one of the hottest nightlifes and entertainment industries in the country.

Phoenix is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the country, both figuratively and literally. It’s hard to find a day when the sun isn’t shining in full, and you won’t need your bulky winter coats when you visit Phoenix. Once in town, visitors find themselves nearly overwhelmed with the amount of entertainment options at their fingertips.

During the day there are countless options to keep one entertained. Whether it’s one of the dozens of museums, all complete with air conditioning of course, or even a visit to one of Phoenix’s multiple water parks, there are plenty of ways to find entertainment while still beating the heat. Phoenix Fun EntertainersFor those who enjoy the heat and outdoors, Phoenix is also known for its state parks that provide beautiful, scenic hikes the entire family can enjoy. The most notable of these is the fantastic South Mountain Park, the world’s largest municipal park. It’s home to thousands of species of unique wildlife, and offers some of the best views in the state of Arizona.

Phoenix is also a hotbed for the performing arts as well. Jester’Z Improv has been doing comedy shows for Phoenix since 2001. Our high pace improv comedy show is always all ages appropriate and always hilarious. The Jester’Z know the games, but the suggestions come from the audience.

Jester’Z Improv has shows every Friday & Saturday at 7:00pm & 9:00pm… reservations are required: 480-423-0120

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