Not a post on alliteration

This isn’t a post on avoiding the joke either… but more what patience in improv can create.

First, I should say that by payoff I mean joy that comes to an improvisor for doing an awesome scene! Don’t confuse laughter with a good scene, good scenes will usually have laughter but just because there is laughter doesn’t mean it was a good scene.

Here are a couple of things that you create by being patients:

  1. Trust – Showing patience in a scene shows trust to your scene partner, your fellow performers and in improv as a process.
  2. Emotion – Patience allows you to discover what your characters true emotion is and it gives your scene partner time to discover what their characters true emotion is
  3. Anticipation – Anticipation can grow as improvisors are patient with the scene and explore what is already there, rather then eventing.
  4. Clarity – More often then not, when an improvisor isn’t sure what is happening in a scene, they panic and start to bend the rules if improv. Panic turns into denial and denial turns into a bad scene.

Don’t mistake patience for low energy and laziness. Often the high energy scenes require even more patience then low energy.

Allowing yourself to marinate in an improv scene will make you a richer better improvisor and will make for better improv scenes.