JesterZ Improv : Bringing Your Group

JesterZ Improv : Making Your Group Activity Awesome

We do many things at JesterZ Improv, (corporate, team building, atmosphere acting) but there is one thing that we do MOST of all, that is perform weekly show. Over the years the schedule has changed from time to time, but for the most part there have always been at least 4 shows a weekend (8pm and 10pm on Friday and Saturday).

Making Reservations:

Reservations are required. We usually sell out the 8pm show and one thing we hate to do is turn away people who don’t have reservations, when we can’t fit them in. We have so many large groups come to both shows that it is also a good idea to make reservations for the 10pm show.

Group Activities:

There are very few things in this world that we like more then large groups coming to see JesterZ Improv. What better then to share laughter with the people who are closest to you, or your co-workers.  We get such great feed back from people who come in large groups. So next time you start looking for a group activity in the Phoenix area, plan no further then JesterZ Improv.

Here are just a couple of things to remember when you bring a group:

  1. MAKE RESERVATIONS – Check the schedule and make your reservations for your group early.
  2. Larger groups will be asked to pay for tickets in advance.
  3. Arrive early – Larger groups that pay for their tickets in advance can reserve seats for other members of their group, however make sure your whole group gets there early enough to be in their seat when the show starts. Doors open at 7:20 for the 8pm show and 9:50 for the 10pm show.

We often do special events at Theater 168, so keep your eyes on our Calendar, this blog, facebook and/or our Twitter.

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