[Gooseplay] an original play by Michael Yichao on Sept. 1st at 4pm

On Saturday, Sept 1st at 4PM, Former Jester Michael Yichao will be presenting his latest play [gooseplay] at the Jester’Z Scottsdale Theater! In [gooseplay], a boy is turning 10 — and no one’s come to his birthday party. His dad is out of town for work, his friends are at a cooler kid’s party — even his mean older sister is away at soccer camp. Through the play, the boy goes on a journey through time and space, memories and dreams, through hunting trips and supernovas, grapefruit and geese, as he searches for the point of getting older.
The play is family friendly and runs just shy of an hour. Tickets are a suggested donation of $12, and can be purchased ahead of time through Kickstarter [link] or at the door via cash, credit card or paypal. All funds raised will go towards covering the cost of the show, and towards sending the play to various festivals and competitions around the world!
If you have questions, you can find Yichao at myichao(at)gmail.com.

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