JesterZ Private Events
What can I expect from a Jester’Z show?

We are firmly, 100%, absolutely clean comedy.  JesterZ shows are always corporate/family sensitive. All ages are welcome and there is no swearing, vulgarity, off-colored topics or foul content.

We want you to have the funniest night of your life, not for you to have to call a meeting with HR.  We will interact with your audience, basing everything we do around your suggestions.  The whole evening, if you wish, can be based around your company, the culture of your day-to-day workplace, your industry, your CEO, your guest of honor, or whatever else you think of.  Since we are expert improvisers, your wish is our command!

Our performances can be as long as you desire. However, we recommend 60 minutes. It has been our experience that 60 minutes is just the right amount of time for events like this. It gives the audience enough time to be set up and to understand the type of entertainment they are watching, as many people have never experienced live improv. We bring 4 performers for each show. 1 host (director) and 3 improv comics. This is a tight knit group that works well with each other. Throughout the show, the audience will get to know each performer and their quick-wit!

What will be the basic format of the show?

Our shows are completely made up on the spot.  We use various kinds of showpieces and games we play with the audience which, combined with your suggestions, become comedy gold.

Some of our showpieces include

Jesterz private Events-A Day in the Life of “Upper Management”
-Office Shakespeare
-Industry Advice Panel
-Backwards Job Interview
-The International Office
-Product Placement

-Office Props
-Work Sound Effects

and many more!


If your event might need a little more or maybe a little different than that, The JesterZ  do offer much more than just improv.  We also do work as

JesterZ Private Events Brandon Allen

-Stand Up Comedians
-Atmosphere Actors
-Faux Keynote Speakers
-Sketch Comedy writers/performers
-Musical Comedians

and more!





Are you people even funny?

Yes! We’ve been entertaining audiences and corporations for over fifteen years, so we are expertly trained to connect with any audience and give them a hilariously customized show.  Our JesterZ are skilled comedians as well as actors, writers, directors, musicians- you name it!  Since we perform four shows every single weekend in addition to the private events we entertain, our JesterZ get way more experience than is typical for most improv troupes.  Still unsure? Click here for testimonials!


What do you need?

We need to be seen and heard so that everyone can enjoy the show, regardless of where they are seated.  We highly recommend a stage.  It doesn’t have to be too large, just something large enough to get us off the ground.  Let us know if you have any questions concerning the specific dimensions of your stage, or if you need help acquiring one. If the room is too large for loud vocals, we need wireless, hands-free microphones so we can be heard. The stage area needs to be illuminated – but is negotiable depending on the room and current lighting.

Who is Jef Rawls?Jesterz Private Events Jef Rawls

Jef Rawls is the producer & owner of the JesterZ Improv Comedy Theater and has performed in, or directed, over 4,000 improvised shows. Under his direction, the JesterZ have entertained top companies such as PepsiCo, America West Air, Qwest, Intel, Bank of America, Target, University of Phoenix & AutoZone, just to name a few. Jef began his career in improvisation with the OxymoronZ under the tutelage of Louis Anthony Russo. As a student of learning, Jef is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory and he has studied with many of the industries best. He continues to upgrade his ever-expanding knowledge of improvisation by taking workshops and training classes from around the country.