JULY 10th-14th

We are EXCITED to bring back our Youth Summer Camps for the months of JUNE and July!
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Looking for a fun and engaging way for your kids to spend their summer? Look no further than our Youth Summer Camp! With five days of non-stop fun activities and hilarious scenes, your child is guaranteed to have a blast while learning valuable life skills.

Our camp focuses on teaching the “improv fun-damentals” – the basic building blocks of improv comedy. Your child will learn the importance of listening, collaboration, and teamwork while developing their own unique sense of humor. With a focus on fun and creativity, our experienced instructors will help your child gain confidence in speaking in front of others while also honing their performance skills.

From creating wacky characters to improvising scenes on the fly, our Youth Summer Camp is the perfect opportunity for your child to let their creativity run wild. And with sessions running from 10am-3pm, you can rest easy knowing your child is having a blast in a safe and supportive environment.

So why wait? Sign up your child today and give them the gift of laughter, learning, and a summer they’ll never forget!

We’ll focus on:

Listening Skills – Our Youth Summer Camp emphasizes the skill of listening, which is often overlooked in traditional summer camps. Through improvisation, kids learn the importance of listening to one another, a critical skill for collaboration and teamwork. In improv, listening is the number one rule for creating together, and our camp provides a fun and engaging way for kids to develop this essential skill.

Positive Attitude – Our Youth Summer Camp teaches kids the power of “Yes, And” both on and off stage. By saying “yes” to the reality being created and building upon the ideas of others, kids learn to listen, contribute, and stay positive in any situation. This mindset not only helps with improv performance but also translates to real-life scenarios, encouraging kids to approach difficult tasks with a positive attitude. Imagine your child saying “Yes, And” to cleaning their room! Our camp fosters a can-do attitude that will benefit your child in all aspects of life.

Teamwork – We emphasize the importance of individual contributions to the success of the whole. With the power of imagination and collaboration, kids work together in groups of 2-10 to create incredible scenes on the spot. Improv requires strong listening skills, and our camp provides a supportive environment for kids to hone this skill while also learning the value of teamwork. By working together, kids discover the power of collective creativity, strengthening their ability to collaborate and contribute in any group setting.

Creativity – Our Youth Summer Camp provides a fun and supportive environment for kids to unleash their creativity. Through improvisation and other activities, kids are encouraged to explore their imaginations, take risks, and think outside the box. This focus on creativity not only boosts self-expression but also helps kids develop problem-solving skills and the ability to approach challenges with an open mind. With creativity as a core value, our camp inspires kids to embrace their unique perspectives and discover their own creative potential.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONStudents must bring their own lunch.  We have a fridge, but no microwave.  WE PROVIDE WATERS.   *** Friday Lunch is provided by JesterZ! We will have a PIZZA PARTY!  ***

LAST DAY OF CAMP:  SHOWCASE!!  From 2:00-3:30(ish) we’ll showcase our skills we learned!  Admission: FREE

We are so excited that you interest in summer camp for your child!  There will be emails sent out with additional information as Summer Camp approaches.

If you have absolutely any other questions feel free to email the education director Jef Rawls at [email protected]



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