April 22, 2011

Beginning Improv Comedy ‘Foundations’

Jester'Z Training Center

Saturdays Starting July 9th  btn_register_register_now | Mondays Starting July 11th  btn_register_register_now

Are YOU ready for 8 weeks of hilariously fun improv instruction PLUS a performance!

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Ever wonder how improv comedians create hilarious scenes spontaneously in front of a live audience!?

Our beginning Improv class is designed to teach basic improvisational skills through different exercises and games. Students can anticipate a safe environment where they can express ideas, receive feedback, and be treated with respect from other students and instructors.

This class is for everyone, even if you have no desire of becoming an improv comedian, our beginning improv class will teach you many basic life skills such as:

  • Creative Thinking
  • Team Work
  • Public Speaking
  • Listening
  • Commitment to Choice

Students who take our classes often express that they have gained insight and skills that have helped them in their careers, education and relationships.  If you would love to try improv or need a few basic skills to get you going on thinking quicker – this class will assist you in obtaining the knowledge and instruction you need to get started in improvisation.

Saturdays Starting July 9th  btn_register_register_now | Mondays Starting July 11th  btn_register_register_now

*For any questions regarding classes please contact David: 928-287-0080 or via email david@jesterzimprov.com

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