Christmas Day – 2 hour event



Presents in the morning, family meal in the afternoon and JesterZ Improv Comedy in the evening!  Can your day get any better??  The JesterZ look forward to this show every year!  A chance to bring family, friends and funny together for 2 hours of non-stop comedy!  Our ONLY 2 hour show of the year.

Don’t miss your chance to offer suggestions for our Christmas Musical, who this years Angels of Christmas past, present & future will be, and what the Who’s of Who-ville are up to when it’s NOT Christmas time!  It’s a wonderful life and all other Christmas Classics will be fair game!

Presents will break and eventually be forgotten – but the memories you’ll make at JesterZ Christmas Show will last a lifetime.

Get your tickets BEFORE Thanksgiving for 10% discount.  This is a SPECIAL EVENT and will SELL OUT!   Sorry, NO discounts, birthday or Gift Cert admission.

$15 + tax – ALL AGES