you are looking for a competitive edge to get a promotion, increase sales, strengthen leadership confidence, add more love and laughter to your marriage, be more innovative, more humorous and increase the bottom line both personally and professionally…. 

Optimize your personality as The Charismatic Connector!

Combining the science and art of communication with the FUNdamentals of improvisation and customer service – Jef takes you through a series of role-play, activities, conversations and creativity exercises that will enlighten and inspire you to BECOME a Charismatic Connector!

We all need strong communication skills to interview for a job, keep the job, and advance in your career. To meet that special someone, get to know them personally, and sustain strong communication for a lasting marriage – not to mention the importance of a healthy relationship with your kids, in-laws, friends, neighbors, community.



The Charismatic Connector workshop is going to ENHANCE YOUR LIFE!!


Saturday, July 20th 2019 from 10am – 2:30pm

* * * LUNCH PROVIDED * * *

A relatively new term in the world of business.  Charismatic connectors are usually the type employees who rise to the top and end up in leadership positions. Research is now proving that there are ways to create MORE charismatic connecting personalities within your team (or what to look for when hiring).  For 17 years, Jef’s training and research aligns improv skills with the qualities of a charismatic connector. It’s more than just being outgoing. It’s about connecting with your team.

Teams accomplish more when it’s connected and have people on the team that are enjoyable to work with.  Jef’s presentation not only reveals this inspiring research, but he engages his audience with connection and personality exercises with his hands-on approach.   Assisting you and your team to become more productive!

After finishing up with a corporate training, the CEO got up and said this to his employees: “This is the most valuable training we’ve had… EVER! Our company lives and dies by the connection (the relationship) we have with our clients. The tools we learned today are 100% SPOT ON with magnifying the “how to” and “why” customers want to do business with us. Every technique Jef shared was mind blowing and easy to apply. If we will focus on connecting with our customers like this, I don’t know why we can’t double or even triple our sales goal this year! I’m serious! This is what it’s all about – and today, we learned from the master.



“Thank you for saving my marriage! I thought we fell out of love. We actually fell out of laugh! The Charismatic Connector brought a new light to the type of negative humor I was using and gave me confidence to bring a postivie sense of humor into our relationship more fully. We are still in love! In fact, we laugh like when we were first dating!



These results are undeniable!

A group of Single Adults had immediate results as they learned tried and true communication tools that increase confidence, assist them in continuing an interesting dialogue and how to include HUMOR in their conversations. “3 people who had NEVER been on a date got dates that night because they opened up, laughed and had confidence in their conversation!! Thank you!!”



The mother of a teenager with low self esteem, said this about her socially disconnected son: “On the drive home from your Charismatic Connector workshop, I wanted to turn the car around, come back and ask ‘what have you done with my son??? This must be an alien. We never have this kind of conversation! He was asking questions, sharing opinions and had more confidence than I have ever seen in him! Today, he is transformed. Thank you for this gift!!



A few months ago Jef gave these same secrets to 2 employees of a bakery and showed them how they can increase their tips, add value to the bakery and ultimately move the bottom line. Read that story HERE



Inclusion is more than just “a seat at the table” or inviting someone to “join in the discussion”.  

In this FUN focused training we will welcome different perspectives that enlighten, inspire, and bring value.   We will expand our current understanding beyond our “default setting” by putting “Yes, and” into action!

We’ll explore how to close the gap between throwing data & information at your listening audience and connecting professionally with them. We’ll role-play expanded levels of communication exchange through engagement with others as a “Charismatic Connector”.

In this training, we’ll give confidence to the “verbally invisible” voice by rebuilding (or building) a supportive listening audience in a psychologically safe environment.  Recognizing, addressing and mending social and professional scars of the past.

This training provides leaders and employees a hands-on, interactive training series that supports a more active culture of inclusion and diversity of thought. More than just implementing and utilizing the “Yes, and” fundamentals, we’ll explore what it means to “Create A Charismatic Connector”.  Jef will take attendees through a series of fun, engaging activities, exercises and role-play to better connect and understand a broader peripheral awareness of others.  Additionally, this training is designed to engage ALL participants with activities that automatically elicit conversation and laughter, thus creating an outside the box approach to learning.

  • Authentic conversation

  • Collaborate with purpose

  • Be someone others can work with

  • Ignite ideas and innovation

  • Have confidence in your choices

  • Contribute solutions


Research has shown that one of the biggest costs to a business is somewhat invisible.  It is the cost of employees feeling unconnected at work, when they feel unconnected they feel undervalued and begin to resent the company and it’s culture. This shows up in everything from performance issues to employee turnover. The true cost of time spent interviewing, hiring and training a replacement can COST up to 200% of their salary!  

Ignite Your Employees in Charisma!