jesterz improvY’all read blogs anymore??  Or is that so 2012?  Am I behind on the times?  Oh, well…  I mona do it anyway!  And here’s why YOU may want to pay attention to our weekly posts:

jesterz improv

  1. It’s not on Facebook.  It’ll feel like you are doing something productive and educational online while you use the restroom… or while you work… because, let’s face it – you ain’t workin’ anyway!!
  2. Our weekly shows have way more to offer than just a funny show.  We give budding young comedians a stage to perform on, an opportunity for comics to hone their craft and showcase their skills, and most importantly – our shows bring family and friends together to create memories, forget troubles and strengthen relationships through laughter. I’d like to share my producers insight on games, production and giving the audience what they want (Action, Emotion, Detail)jesterz improv mesa az
  3. I’d like you all to meet, in a more detailed and personal manner, our performers.  They are AMAZING!  We are all such good friends and we laugh off stage way more than we do on!  You will get a chance to meet ALL of our players in the next couple months.  Think of it as “Inside the laughter studio”.
  4. Improv has a lot of life skills to teach.  You’ll see through these articles that improvisation is more of a way of life, mentality and behavior than it is a performance skill set. Listening, team work, collaboration, yes and, communication and so much more (stick around, we gotsalotta insight to share). We’ll give improv tips, tricks, producers insights and successful techniques that have made our shows #1 is Arizona. I must admit, that classes and workshops must be experienced – but if you can’t attend in person (let’s say you are living in a cave on the outskirts of the moon) then reading our training is next best option, right?jesterz improv comedy
  5. Corporate Entertainment needs some of our attention too!! I’d like to share my 20+ years in corporate and private entertainment (especially as it pertains to improv shows) with anyone in the improv community.  Or anyone looking to HIRE JesterZ or any other improv group.  Do’s, Don’ts and try to avoids.
  6. And lastly, what can improvisation offer corporate America?  Way more than you can imagine!  I’m anxious to share with you the findings of what improvisation brings to the individual professional as well as teams, departments, companies and industries.  What is the difference between team building, team bonding and corporate training?  We gotcha covered because we’ll go into greater detail of each.  You’ll also be curious to hear about Atmosphere actors.improv classes

SO!  Sit back and enjoy 2018 with a weekly post from JesterJef and other JesterZ.  Look for it EVERY MONDAY at 8am (AZ time) right here!

Post below, any requests on topics you’d like addressed or any questions you may have.  THANKS!