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Special Events

Jester’Z Improv Comedy has 5 shows a weekend! Friday 7 & 9pm, Saturday 7 & 9pm. We also have show on special occasion, such as holidays, special weekends and special discount weekends. Below is a list of all the upcoming special occasion shows.

JesterZ Montage Show

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November 5, 2015 – November 5, 2015

1061 N. Dobson Rd. #114

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What’s a montage show??  It’s a variety of improvised scene’s that inspire the next.  ONE suggestion starts everything in motion for a full hour of one-of-a-kind scenes!  Featuring the improv talents of JesterZ main stage cast:  Ryan Q, Travis J, Mandy N and Jef R.

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Or pay at the door.

“Mr.” the two-person show…

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“Mr.” is a two-person improv show starring Mandy and Ryan of JesterZ Improv.  “Mr.” is both U and I – Unique and Intriguing.  Witness as these two create a full 1 hour improvised and unscripted show on the spot.


Stacey Harkey of Studio C – SPECIAL EVENT

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If you are a fan of comedy, you know that it takes a special “over the top” and “go full throttle” mentality.


of Studio C

joins the JesterZ improv comedy cast for 1 full day of Laugh Out Loud comedy

Saturday November 7, 2015!

3 shows to choose from

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Stacey puts down the script and memorized sketches to improvise 90 minutes of quick-witted, fast-paced, in-the-moment scene’s.  You supply the topics, we’ll take care of the rest!

Stacey 6

Improvised songs!!  Improvised Shakespeare!!  Improvised Characters!!  Who knows what will happen??  It’s improv!

Stacey and the Jester’Z want to set a new theater record of 1,000 LPM’s  (laugh’s per minute).  That’s 250 people laughing a minimum of 4 times per minute!  That’s a room full of 90,000 “Ha’s”!!!   Will you witness this historic event??  (even if we fail, that’s STILL a LOT a laughs!!)


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Check out some of Stacey’s work at Studio C:

Pint of Life, Stand up & Broadway Musical

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July 30, 2015 – July 30, 2015

1061 N. Dobson Rd. #114

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60+ minutes of non-stop NEW and unique comedy.  ONE NIGHT ONLY!!  Check out:

Pint of Life
Two chairs. One pint of ice cream. No script.

Yichao, Jester’Z alumni, returns to Arizona to perform his SOLO improv show, Pint of Life, as seen at the Dead Parrots Society Improv Festival in Bellingham, WA and at the Pocket Theatre in Seattle. You won’t want to miss it. (You just might get ice cream.)
Stand uP
Improvisers try their hand at Stand up comedy.
Musical Improv
A keyboard and a LOT of comedy.
Watch as the Jester’Z create a Broadway musical on-the-spot based on audience suggestion.
Price:  $8 – all ages


Special Guest: Cory McClosky

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From weather man, to stand up comedy.  From voiceover/character actor to singing the National Anthem for the Suns and Diamondbacks – he’s:

Cory McClosky  Cory(Fox10 Weather Guy)

Have you seen this video?  It went viral in a matter of minutes!

As you can see Cory is definitely quick on his feet!   Which caught the attention of the quick-witted Jester’Z!  So we are putting him to the test on Friday June 19th for 90 minutes of non-stop comedy!!

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Everything in this show is created on the spot- there are NO SCRIPTS in this fast-paced, improvised comedy show that is great for ALL-AGES!  You provide the topics – we’ll provide 90 minutes of non-stop, side-splitting comedy!

This show will feature 4 Jester’Z Main Stage comedians, along with Cory McClosky, to perform 10-15 scene’s, situations, and “theater games”.  Because YOU provide the subjects and suggestions of each scene – NO TWO SHOWS ARE THE SAME!  Who knows, maybe we can get Cory to do some of his world famous Stand up comedy!!  Or sing the national anthem to start the show?  Haha – who knows what will happen! It’s IMPROV!!!

Jester’Z improv is located at 1061 N. Dobson Rd.   #114 in the Mesa Riverview Plaza between Cinemark Theater and Bass Pro Shop – next to Matta’s.

Adults:  $13 (+tax)
Youth(2-15):  $9(+tax)

****all sales are final – no refunds or exchanges****

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Girls With Glasses June 5th

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We, the Jester’Z…

JesterZ Troop 2014

Are excited to perform with…


They are silly.  They are fun.  And they are bringing a unique style to the Jester’Z stage!

ONE NIGHT ONLY:  FRIDAY JUNE 5th  7:00 & 9:00pm

Quick-witted, fast-paced, improvised comedy is on the agenda for the Girls and Jester’Z main stage cast.   Who knows what will happen when fashion and funny collide!  It’s a bloggers world and the Jester’Z are combining forces for an unforgettable event!  You supply the topics – we’ll provide 90 min of non-stop, side-splitting comedy that is great for all ages!   Check out their website HERE for some fun ideas for suggestions.

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Who are the Girls?

Brooke and Summer are a new media happy ending: meeting on MySpace, being fans and supporters of each others’ work and growing into good friends. “We would send each other new blogs that we fancied, or new music that we couldn’t get enough of,” says Summer. “We are both traditional on some things and innovative on others,” adds Brooke. The girls’ paths have connected with The Girls With Glasses Show project, but it took ….  READ MORE

Jester’Z Comedy and Concert w/ William Joseph

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Improvisation is the art of thinking on your feet and creating off the top of your head.  Being funny “in the moment” is difficult enough without adding music to the mix.   …the reason?  keep time, make it rhyme and still BE FUNNY!!

Additionally, a musician must be equal to the task and CREATE new music on the spot if they are performing at an Improvisation Club – right?

MASHUP:  Jester’Z Improv AND William Joseph

William Joseph PIano

Tickets to 2:00 Show

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Join WJ and Jester’Z improv as we collide musical magic with the quickest comedic minds in AZ.

Saturday May 16th has 3 shows to choose from



As always, Jester’Z comedy shows are all ages friendly.  $20 (+tax)

Here’s a few video’s of WJ’s work:

William’s Background:  When he was 8 years old – he won a FULL music scholarship from the Boys Club of America and began studying with Stella Saperstein.

william J

In 1995 William and Jester’Z owner, Jef Rawls, became friends.  Music and Comedy seeds were planted while playing some serious Volleyball games!

In 2003, David Foster (of 143 Records & Warner Brother Records) bumped into William and listened to ONE SONG:  Piano Fantasy (of which WJ composed severeal years prior).   Foster, without hesitation asked him to play at an already scheduled concert in Las Vegas that very night!

William Joseph opened for Josh Groban’s “Closer Tour” – covering 12 cities in 2 months.  Remember Clay Aikin?  WJ opened for him on the “Joyful Noise Tour” which covered 36 cities and 40 concerts!!

He has released three studio albums: Within (2004), Beyond (2008) and Be Still (2012)



Pat Finn – Workshop and Performance

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Jester’Z Brother’Z Productions, LLC
is proud to welcome a most respected improv artist and actor:

Pat Finn

Pat Finn

2:00pm  Inside the Laughter Studio – 2 hour interview-style workshop hosted by Jef Rawls is for anyone looking to get started with or sharpen their comedic acting skills.  Learn insider’s tips and tricks to better improv, comedy techniques, acting secrets and stories from On The Set of commercial set.  Prerequisite:  NONE.  Age: ALL

6:00pm  Jester’Z Improv Show Pat joins the Jester’Z main stage cast for 90 minutes of all-ages improvised comedy!

9:00pm  Jester’Z Improv Show  Warmed up and ready for another 90 minutes of non-stop, side-splitting all-ages comedy with Jester’Z Main Stage Cast.


Who is Pat Finn?


  • Graduate of Marquette University
  • Alumni of Second City of Chicago
  • Alumni of Chicago’s ImprovOlympics Theatre
  • Member of the Improv Troupe Beer Shark Mice

As Seen On:

  • TV
    • Late Night With Conan O’Brien
    • Seinfeld
    • That 70’s Show
    • The King of Queens
    • Friends
    • 3rd Rock From the Sun
    • Ed
    • Drew Carey Show
    • Curb Your Enthusiasm
    • Marvin Marvin
    • The Middle
  • Movies
    • Dude, Where’s My Car?
    • It’s Complicated
    • I Love You, Beth Cooper

Most recognizable as the spokesman for TOYOTA in over 50 commercials over the last 10 years.

Toyota Commercial #1:
Toyota Commercial #2:



Inside The Laughter Studio:  $15

GET TICKETS FOR 6:00 SHOW:  $15+tax

GET TICKETS FOR 9:00 SHOW:  $15+tax




Pat Finn is a talented, comedic actor who has been with SBV for over 17 years, He who grew up in Wilmette, Illinois and is one of six children. He attended high school at Loyola Academy in Wilmette and graduated from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1987. After graduation, he moved to Chicago where he worked as a beer salesman until joining the Second City National Touring Company. During this time, he was also performing improvisation with the Improv Olympic in Chicago.

After writing and performing in two Second City resident shows, Pat landed the part of George Wendt’s younger brother in “The George Wendt Show” and moved to L.A. Pat Just finished a year in the role of Dad Bob on the Nickelodeon hit “Marvin Marvin” and he is currently re-occurring as Mike’s best friend, Bill Norwood on ABC’s “The Middle”. He has also had re-occurring roles on “Murphy Brown”, “Third Rock From The Sun”, “Ed” and “My Boys”. Some of his other television credits include “Friends”, “Seinfeld”, “The Drew Cary Show”, “That 70’s Show”, “Las Vegas”, “Wizards of Waverly Place” “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “House”. Pat’s feature film credits include “Dude, Where’s My Car”, “I Love You, Beth Cooper”, “Space Buddies”, “Santa Pups 2” and “It’s Complicated” opposite Meryl Streep.

Pat has also had commercial success with campaigns for “Got Milk?”, DiGiorno Pizza”, “Bell South”, “Toyota” and dozens of others. Pat continues to perform improv every week at ImprovOlympic Hollywood with his Chicago buddies in the critically acclaimed and award winning ensemble show, “BeerSharkMice”. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three children.

Pat has worked with ” Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, Kathy Bates, Jerry Seinfeld, Candace Bergin, Alec Baldwin, Steve Carell, Stephan Colbert, Tina Fey, Amy Poller”


SPECIAL EVENT: Natalie Madsen with JesterZ Improv

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Golly – it seems like Jester’Z Improv is practically MARRIED to the cast of
Studio C !!

It must mean that this is a great relationship for both parties!!


CLICK TIME TO PURCHASE:   2:00  |  6:00  |  9:00



Nat Mads

Once again, we strip away the script, the rehearsal, the memorization and put Natalie On-The-Spot with quick-witted, fast-paced improvised comedy!  Natalie joins the Main Stage cast of Jester’Z Improv for a fantastic day of audience suggested inspired scene’s.  You give us the topics, we’ll create instant hilarity in the form of skits and sketches.  No two shows are the same!  Don’t miss NatMads in her debut improv performance!

$23 +tax – ALL AGES


CLICK TIME TO PURCHASE:   2:00  |  6:00  |  9:00


Check out Natalie’s work HERE and HERE


PLUS:  Natalie wants to meet her Arizona Fans!! Stick around afterwards for a chance to meet Natalie in person and get her autograph or photo!! 



SPECIAL EVENT: James Perry w JesterZ Improv

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Do you like Lobster Bisque?  James Perry does!

James Perry

Saturday – March 28th

Click To Purchase:  2:00 | 6:00 | 9:00

James Perry (of Studio C) is a man of many expressions!  He’s got an amazing talent for writing sketch, rehearsing characters and memorizing lines –  and we are going to take ALL that away from him!!  James joins Jester’Z for a full day of IMPROVISED comedy.  See what happens when he’s thrown in the mix of the Jester’Z Main Stage Cast to create “something out of nothing”.  No Scripts – Nothing Memorized – Nothing Rehearsed!!

You give us the suggestions – James and Jester’Z will create instant hilarity in the form of skits and sketches!

90 min of non-stop quick-witted, fast-paced improvised comedy that is great for ALL AGES!!

Here’s some examples of James Perry sketch work:  Example 1  |  Example 2

$23 +tx
No Discounts, Gift Certificates or Birthday Admission for this SPECIAL EVENT!

Click To Purchase:  2:00 | 6:00 | 9:00