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Special Events

Jester’Z Improv Comedy has 5 shows a weekend! Friday 7 & 9pm, Saturday 7 & 9pm. We also have show on special occasion, such as holidays, special weekends and special discount weekends. Below is a list of all the upcoming special occasion shows.

Pat Finn – Workshop and Performance

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Jester’Z Brother’Z Productions, LLC
is proud to welcome a most respected improv artist and actor:

Pat Finn

Pat Finn

2:00pm  Inside the Laughter Studio – 2 hour interview-style workshop hosted by Jef Rawls is for anyone looking to get started with or sharpen their comedic acting skills.  Learn insider’s tips and tricks to better improv, comedy techniques, acting secrets and stories from On The Set of commercial set.  Prerequisite:  NONE.  Age: ALL

6:00pm  Jester’Z Improv Show - Pat joins the Jester’Z main stage cast for 90 minutes of all-ages improvised comedy!

9:00pm  Jester’Z Improv Show -  Warmed up and ready for another 90 minutes of non-stop, side-splitting all-ages comedy with Jester’Z Main Stage Cast.


Who is Pat Finn?


  • Graduate of Marquette University
  • Alumni of Second City of Chicago
  • Alumni of Chicago’s ImprovOlympics Theatre
  • Member of the Improv Troupe Beer Shark Mice

As Seen On:

  • TV
    • Late Night With Conan O’Brien
    • Seinfeld
    • That 70’s Show
    • The King of Queens
    • Friends
    • 3rd Rock From the Sun
    • Ed
    • Drew Carey Show
    • Curb Your Enthusiasm
    • Marvin Marvin
    • The Middle
  • Movies
    • Dude, Where’s My Car?
    • It’s Complicated
    • I Love You, Beth Cooper

Most recognizable as the spokesman for TOYOTA in over 50 commercials over the last 10 years.

Toyota Commercial #1:
Toyota Commercial #2:



Inside The Laughter Studio:  $15

GET TICKETS FOR 6:00 SHOW:  $15+tax

GET TICKETS FOR 9:00 SHOW:  $15+tax




Pat Finn is a talented, comedic actor who has been with SBV for over 17 years, He who grew up in Wilmette, Illinois and is one of six children. He attended high school at Loyola Academy in Wilmette and graduated from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1987. After graduation, he moved to Chicago where he worked as a beer salesman until joining the Second City National Touring Company. During this time, he was also performing improvisation with the Improv Olympic in Chicago.

After writing and performing in two Second City resident shows, Pat landed the part of George Wendt’s younger brother in “The George Wendt Show” and moved to L.A. Pat Just finished a year in the role of Dad Bob on the Nickelodeon hit “Marvin Marvin” and he is currently re-occurring as Mike’s best friend, Bill Norwood on ABC’s “The Middle”. He has also had re-occurring roles on “Murphy Brown”, “Third Rock From The Sun”, “Ed” and “My Boys”. Some of his other television credits include “Friends”, “Seinfeld”, “The Drew Cary Show”, “That 70’s Show”, “Las Vegas”, “Wizards of Waverly Place” “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “House”. Pat’s feature film credits include “Dude, Where’s My Car”, “I Love You, Beth Cooper”, “Space Buddies”, “Santa Pups 2” and “It’s Complicated” opposite Meryl Streep.

Pat has also had commercial success with campaigns for “Got Milk?”, DiGiorno Pizza”, “Bell South”, “Toyota” and dozens of others. Pat continues to perform improv every week at ImprovOlympic Hollywood with his Chicago buddies in the critically acclaimed and award winning ensemble show, “BeerSharkMice”. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three children.

Pat has worked with ” Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, Kathy Bates, Jerry Seinfeld, Candace Bergin, Alec Baldwin, Steve Carell, Stephan Colbert, Tina Fey, Amy Poller”


SPECIAL EVENT: Natalie Madsen with JesterZ Improv

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Golly – it seems like Jester’Z Improv is practically MARRIED to the cast of
Studio C !!

It must mean that this is a great relationship for both parties!!


CLICK TIME TO PURCHASE:   2:00  |  6:00  |  9:00



Nat Mads

Once again, we strip away the script, the rehearsal, the memorization and put Natalie On-The-Spot with quick-witted, fast-paced improvised comedy!  Natalie joins the Main Stage cast of Jester’Z Improv for a fantastic day of audience suggested inspired scene’s.  You give us the topics, we’ll create instant hilarity in the form of skits and sketches.  No two shows are the same!  Don’t miss NatMads in her debut improv performance!

$23 +tax – ALL AGES


CLICK TIME TO PURCHASE:   2:00  |  6:00  |  9:00


Check out Natalie’s work HERE and HERE


PLUS:  Natalie wants to meet her Arizona Fans!! Stick around afterwards for a chance to meet Natalie in person and get her autograph or photo!! 



SPECIAL EVENT: James Perry w JesterZ Improv

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Do you like Lobster Bisque?  James Perry does!

James Perry

Saturday – March 28th

Click To Purchase:  2:00 | 6:00 | 9:00

James Perry (of Studio C) is a man of many expressions!  He’s got an amazing talent for writing sketch, rehearsing characters and memorizing lines -  and we are going to take ALL that away from him!!  James joins Jester’Z for a full day of IMPROVISED comedy.  See what happens when he’s thrown in the mix of the Jester’Z Main Stage Cast to create “something out of nothing”.  No Scripts – Nothing Memorized – Nothing Rehearsed!!

You give us the suggestions – James and Jester’Z will create instant hilarity in the form of skits and sketches!

90 min of non-stop quick-witted, fast-paced improvised comedy that is great for ALL AGES!!

Here’s some examples of James Perry sketch work:  Example 1  |  Example 2

$23 +tx
No Discounts, Gift Certificates or Birthday Admission for this SPECIAL EVENT!

Click To Purchase:  2:00 | 6:00 | 9:00


Jester’Z Training Center Workshop Saturday 3/14!

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Saturday, March 14th | 1-3 pm

Click Here For More Info & To Register!

Sketcher'ZWe are thrilled to have one of our very own beloved JesterZ, Michael Yichao, in the house to facilitate an incredible workshop for improv and comedy students of all experiences and backgrounds. The workshop titled: “Make ‘Em Laugh, Then Punch Them In The Feels” is about digging into comedy through drama – finding truthful, deep characters and relationships, then cracking them open and exploding them out into the realm of the comedic and absurd. Being funny is serious business, and this workshop digs into the dichotomy and duality of serious fun.

I asked Michael who is the ideal attendee for this workshop and he said, “People with some improv experience who are maybe hungry for more improv and a desire to deepen and sharpen their acting skills.  However, it is definitely open and appropriate for students of all skill levels.”

I’m excited for the Jester’Z Training Center to offer this incredible workshop because the very heart of it is how comedy opens the channel for truthful emotional connections.  The reality is that this is something we could all benefit from…on or off the stage!

SPACE IS LIMITED to only 12 attendees, so be sure and register right away!



SPECIAL EVENT: JesterZ Improv with Mallory Everton

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Mallory…  Mallory…  Mallory!!

If you want to get excited for the crazy cat lady to hop on stage and do improv – NOW’S YOUR CHANCE!!!

Get ESCITED* for the most anticipated Studio C cast member to grace the JesterZ stage!  Our last Studio C guest before they begin filming for Season 6 !!

Click the time to get your tickets for March 7th, 2015

  2:00   |  6:00 SOLD OUT  |  9:00

Mallory montage

Unlike her scripted work, this show is unplanned and off-the-cuff!  YOU, the audience will contribute ideas and suggestions for each and every scene that Mallory and the JesterZ Improv Cast will use for 90 min’s of non-stop, side-splitting comedy!!  All-Ages are welcome!

PLUS:   Mallory wants to meet her fans!!  Photo’s and autographs available following each show!

See examples of Mallory’s comedy:  Example 1  |  Example 2

GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY!  This show will sell out!!

(Sorry – NO discounts, gift certificate or birthday admissions)

Click the time to get your tickets for March 7th

  2:00   |  6:00 SOLD OUT  |  9:00


*yes we spelled excited with an S…  on purpose.  SAY IT!  “Escited!!”


Special Event: JesterZ Improv with Jason Gray

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What if Jason Bateman and  Jennifer Gray had a baby?

His name would be:

Jason Gray!

Jason Gray

Saturday Feb. 7

Click show time to register:  2:00  |  6:00   |  9:00

JesterZ Improv Main Stage Cast welcomes Jason Gray to Arizona’s favorite improv comedy theater!  The always hilarious JesterZ and Jason team up for a full day of family-friendly comedy!   Who,Where, What, When and pretty much anything else the audience decides to give us as suggestions will set the stage for three OFF-THE-CUFF shows!!  You supply the topics and we’ll provide 90 min’s of non-stop, side-splitting comedy that is great for all ages!

Plus:  Jason wants to meet his fans for photos after the show (if you want to).

(No Discounts, Gift Certificates or Birthday admissions)

(NO discounts, gift certificates, birthday admissions) – See more at:

3 shows:  2:00  |  6:00  9:00

SPECIAL EVENT: JesterZ Improv with Whitney Call

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Jan 10th ONLY!  2:00 | 6:00 | 9:00

(NO discounts, gift certificates, birthday admissions)

JesterZ Improv Comedy Show with Special Guest:

Whitney Call

(from the BYUtv hit comedy show: “STUDIO C”)

The always hilarious JesterZ Improv Comedy show will welcome WHITNEY CALL to the improv stage as they create instant hilarity on the spot!!  Unlike the sketch work of Studio C and Divine Comedy that Whitney has become accustom to – this will be unscripted, unmemorized and unrehearsed!  Her unique and outlandish characters, team up with those from the JesterZ Main Stage cast for what could be “The Funniest Night of Your Life”!!

You provide the suggestions for each situation in this quick-witted, fast paced, improvised comedy show that is great for all-ages!!

See sample of Whitney’s Work: LINK 1  |  LINK 2  |  LINK 3


2:00 | 6:00 sold out | 9:00


BROUGHT TO YOU BY Brother’s Ink and 1 F Productions, LLC.

New Years Eve Show

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Special Eventnew year

B.Y.O.K.  (bring your own kisser) – Ring in the new year with Laughter!!  2014 has a lot to offer the world of improv comedy.  Lots of fodder to play with as we prepare for 2015.

Join us for 89 min’s of comedy, followed by ringing in the new year with 200 of our BEST JesterZ fans!!  Then join us for an after hours party with the JesterZ!!   Hats, Horns and HaHa’s!  Family, Friends and Funny!  Munchies, Music and More!

Bring the whole family for an all-ages friendly night of comedy!

$18 – All Ages Special Event Admission
(includes festive hats, noise makers, hot cocoa and doughnuts)

SORRY – no discount codes, birthday admission or Gift Certificates accepted for this SPECIAL EVENT

Buy Tickets

JesterZ Improv Thanksgiving Day Show

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Don’t go see ANOTHER movie!!

Let’s LAUGH!!


Happy Thanksgiving!!  We are excited for this annual tradition to share laughter with you and your family!  Have your meal early, grab a nap and come laugh the night away with Turkey’Z (ok, that was a stretch – it will be the Jester’Z – but some of them really are turkey’s!!).  Join us as we give thanks for laughter, family and friends.   This 90 min show WILL SELL OUT in advance – so get your tickets early!   You supply the topics and we’ll provide the belly-laughs to work off those extra calories! (studies show that 15 min of laughter will burn 10 to 40 calories)

General Admission:  $13 + tax



Comedy Zombies Flash Mob

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On Saturday September 20, 2014 from 5-6pm we are looking for FUN and comedic Zombies for a

Zombie walk and dance flash mob at Mesa Riverview!

Here are the details:

  1. Have fun dressing up as a fun/funny zombie.  We DO NOT want it to be too scary!!  (There will be children around, so please be sensitive).  Seriously – it’s a comedy mob!  Have FUN!!  Feel free to combine the Jester theme / hats / costumes, etc with the Zombie genre.   We will have PRIZES for the funniest, cutest and most unique Zombies!!
  2. Arrive at Mesa Riverview at 5:00pm and park behind Chik-fil-a just west of Party City (there’s open lot).   We will meet you there with a “brain” to follow.  This will give you about 30 min to zombie wander SLOWLY through the property and catch the attention of all the true patrons, drivers, etc and peak their curiosity.   They may even follow you or ask for pictures.  Bring your walking shoes!!
  3. Be aware of time and make your way to the courtyard in front of JesterZ Improv theater (suite #114) to be at the courtyard no later than 5:30pm.
  4. When you arrive to that area, there is a round planter in the center of the courtyard – join in the race by walking clockwise with the rest of the group!!  Chase the brain (slowly!!!).  Please don’t really catch it!!  It’s a time waster until everyone arrives.
  5. At about 5:40 there will be a dance number by the kids of Dance Studio C.  Once Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music starts, please step out of the way for them to have room for their dance.  We also have a special hip hop group that will join us – after they do their number, we want YOU to join in for the finale!!
  6. Please watch THIS VIDEO and to receive specific instruction and make sure you LEARN THE DANCE!!  It’s not much, you are probably familiar with it already.
  7. We will have a practice / run through of the dance on Friday Sept 19 at 5:30 at the courtyard – please be there if you can!!!
  8. After the dancing is done, we want you to show us your BEST/FUNNIEST/CRAZIEST Zombie walk down the Red Carpet!  Get your Z-walk on and bring a friend who can take a picture or video for you!
  9. Don’t forget #JesterZombie on all your photo’s and video’s!!


CLICK HERE for Release Form

WE ARE FILMING THIS FOR DVD!!  We need your “release form” so that you can be seen on the DVD!!  Please PRINT and bring with you to the event.  EVERYONE (including guests) must bring it with them!!  Also, no logo’s on shirts.  You and your clothing will be BLURRED out and/or removed from final copy or may be asked to step out of participating altogether.

ALSO:  Please be courteous and respect the local businesses and patron’s.  Be mindful of crossing the street.  If it’s a matter of staying in character or getting hit by a car – we hope you’ll make the SMART choice.


Email us if you have any questions: