At Mesa Riverview – SUITE #114

Get out of your head…

and start listening…

The first 2 years I did improv I spend 95% of my time trying to figure out what I was going to say… I’d think, “Oh man, that would be the perfect start to a scene.” or “I’ll say this, and then they’ll say this, then I’ll say this.” and of course the inevitable, “Saying this thing at this perfect moment would be hilarious, how can I make the opportunity come up.” All of this planning a head only led to more frustration. If you plan a head, you are not opening yourself up to what your scene partners are bringing to the scene. Planning also makes it harder to agree (yes, and).

I’ve spend the last 4 years of improv spending 95% of my time trying to clear my head and just listening. Trust the process of improv… listening and agreement are there so you don’t have to plan ahead. Trust your scene partners… treat what they bring to a scene like a gift.


  1. I agree, just trusting and having fun seems to be when the true magic happens in improv! Thanks for the post and insights.

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