July 20, 2009

Why A Blog?

JesterZ ImprovFor 9 years JesterZ Improv has been the leader of improv comedy in the Phoenix Metro area. Whether you have performed as a Jester, taken one of the classes or been to our weekly shows, you know the value of JesterZ Improv to the Phoenix area. The JesterZ Blog is just one more way we are enhancing the JesterZ experience… here you will find: special insight into the different cast members, specific tools implemented at JesterZ classes, different corporate events the JesterZ are involved in and you’ll get the inside scoop on upcoming JesterZ events.
All in all, we hope this blog gives our fans an additional means to interact with JesterZ Improv at Theater 168. We appreciate all the wonderful people who continue to come to our shows, weekend after weekend. THANK YOU!

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