What gif?

In life, we are taught to be polite. This is not a bad thing,
but it does often push us to skirt around issues for fear of hurting one another’s feelings.
In improv, we are taught to be honest. A sincere reaction,
whether positive or negative, to that honesty is essential to a great scene.

So WHAT IF we could be honest in life like we are on stage…?

When a co-worker asks you to do something Friday afternoon:

When your family from out of town decides to stay an extra day:

When your fitness instructor asks how you’re feeling after class:

When somebody says your favorite tv show is boring:

When you are forced to play Settlers of Catan at game night:

When someone asks you to help them move:

When you run into someone who says they know you from high school:

When somebody asks you what you want for dinner:

When someone says they don’t like your favorite color:

When a couple uses a baby name you’ve been saving for your own someday:

At a wedding, instead of sitting in the back trying to look cool:

When somebody else at work eats the last of the bagels:

On a blind date:

When somebody invites you over for dinner and serves you something that smells weird:

When people ask why you don’t watch Downton Abbey:

When two gorgeous people have an ugly baby:

When somebody tells you how many calories are in your favorite snack:

When someone walks too close to you at the grocery store:

When you have to go outside during the summer for any reason:

When someone on Facebook you haven’t talked to in years comments on one of your photos:

When somebody tells you they don’t like Harry Potter:

When people at the grocery store stare at you when your child has a meltdown:

When someone tries to convince you to try juicing:


When someone skeptically asks you how you know something:

When somebody let’s you merge in traffic:

When your spouse says they won’t judge you if you eat a third slice of cake:

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