Sometimes, Less is More…

Author: Preston Smith

It isn’t a bad thing to be able to add tons of information to a scene but sometimes it isn’t exactly what is needed or wanted in a scene. If listening is a key to improv, and it is… then shouldn’t we help each other out by not giving each other tons and tons of information to listen to and remember? Say things with purpose. Don’t drag on and on about a subject if you have already said the important part. Avoid giving lists of things. Inevitably, all your scene partner will remember is either the first or last item in your list and/or then they will have to choose which one to respond to… and they may not choose what you want them to respond to.

Try this out. After your next scene think of what you said, then cut it in half, then cut that in half, then cut that down to 2 words and finally, 1 word. Interestingly enough, that word will not only help you say things with purpose BUT it will also give you an idea of whether you are focusing on emotion and relationships or stuff and things.

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