Scottsdale Private Event Venues

Scottsdale Private Event Venues

Scottsdale is a popular place for private events for corporations, associations and training events. It can be hard to find the right venue for your event. The right size, that is flexible and open to your event.

Our theater may be the perfect venue for your event, we have 2 large rooms that can be used in a number of different ways. We have hosted dinner events, private Jester shows, mix and mingle events, seminars and training/team building. We are a theater but all our seats can be taken down, and our theater can function as an open room.

One of the great parts of booking our theater, is the opportunity to have the Jester’Z perform at your event. We are most comfortable at our own theater, we are set up for a perfect show. BUT you don’t have to hire use to use our venue.

For more information about booking Jester’Z Improv theater for your next event, call 480-423-0120 or fill our the form to the right and request information about booking our theater.

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  • Summer is winding down but it isn’t over yet. The end of the season is giving the perfect reason for one last outdoor celebration. We are searching for a great way to spend time without the hassle of planning, I love your suggestions.

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