Scottsdale Executive Training

Scottsdale Executive Training

Scottsdale-Executive-TrainingExecutives training is in high demand in Scottsdale. Executives are looking for new unique ways to hone in their training skills. Improv offers a unique opportunity for executives to learn and to training with principles that will open any executives mind and help them create new ways to training.

There are so many principles of improv that can be useful in the modern work place. One of those is, “Group Mind”, the idea that individuals can group together to create something better and then what an individual can create on their own is a fairly new idea, that companies have been using.

Another improv concept that executives have been using in the work place is the concept of, “Yes, and…” or agreement. The idea that scene partners should unconditionally agree with their other scene partners is easily transfered to the work place when your team is trying to work together.

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