Scottsdale Date Activities

Scottsdale Date Activities

The city of Scottsdale is one of the most vibrant and entertaining cities in Arizona. It has even been described as the desert version of Miami’s South Beach, and is known for its lively evenings and beautiful architecture. Scottsdale Date ActivitiesThese traditionally entertaining features also make Scottsdale one of the premier cities to take a date out on the town.

Residents in Scottsdale are known for their flair and success. Even though the climate is dry and arid, the nightlife certainly is not. There are numerous bars, clubs and other activities to keep even the most party-hearty individuals content. There are many places where it may be difficult to find something to do on a night you plan on spending with a significant other, but in Scottsdale the activities to choose from are nearly endless.

If you’re looking for an eventful evening in Scottsdale you’re going to want to head on over to South Scottsdale. There is little question that this area is the hub of Scottsdale’s nightlife, and features plenty of wonderful venues for date night. Jester’Z Improv is located in the Papago Plaza and is one of the most popular date activities in Scottsdale.

Jester’Z Improv has been in Scottsdale since 2001. All our shows are all ages appropriate so there is not worry about the content for the show offending your date. Our shows are based on audience suggestions and are absolutely hilarious! We have 4 shows a weekend, Friday & Saturday at 7:00pm & 9:00pm, reservations are required: 480-423-0120

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