We will be adding a 6pm Saturday show starting in January 2011

Phoenix Comedy Club

We are very excited to announce that we will be adding a Saturday 6pm show starting on January 8th 2011 to our regular schedule.

Like most of the changes we make at Jester’Z Improv Comedy, this change is inspired by the needs of our audience. We realize that there are many we want to come to see Jester’Z Improv Comedy but have a hard time making the 8 – 930pm show commitment. The 6pm show will be a 60 minute show and will have a general admission cost of $10. We are very excited about this time slot and hope that you are as well.

Our new 6pm, 60 minute show will be clean and hilarious just like all of our shows.

All reservations for this show will be handled in the same manner our current reservations are handled, by calling 480-423-0120.