Preston Smith

Preston lives in Mesa Arizona with his wife and 2 little boys, Jude and Koen. He works as an internet marketeer and an improvisor. He is passionate about real estate, gourmet soda, his family and improv. The typical night, Preston can be found at Jester’Z Improv of on his MacBook Pro blogging about something…

Preston Smith has been an improvisor for 6 years at Jester’Z Improv. He has studied improv at the Jester’Z Training Center in Scottsdale and studied long form improv at The Torch Theatre in Phoenix. In addition to performing, directing and teaching for Jester’Z Improv, Preston also is the Marketing Director. He frequently contributes to the Jester’Z Training Center Blog (

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One thought on “Preston Smith

  • Preston,
    Thank you for the opportunity to audition for the Jester’Z troupe. I would greatly appreciate learning what areas you feel I need to focus on so that I can continue to hone my craft.
    I look forward to your observations.

    Shane Shellenbarger

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