3.14 is Pi(e) night w/ Cory McCloskey

Tuesday is Pi Night!

What is Pi Night?  Glad you asked!
March 14th aka: 3.14
Pi is pronounced PIE!
and if you don’t know what
night is, you are in the dark!

So, let’s eat Pie and LAUGH!

Tuesday 7:00pm  $8-$10

Starring Cory McCloskey
(weatherman Fox 10)

Everyone gets pie immediately following 60 minutes of non-stop, side-splitting comedy! Work up an appetite with Cory McCloskey and the JesterZ main stage cast!  This is Cory’s THIRD run at JesterZ and he’s kinda becoming part of the team.  His zany humor fits perfect with the quick-wit of our main stage cast!

So, bring the kids for an unforgettable night of hysterical situations that will never be duplicated!




GET TICKETS – 7:00pm



In honor of Pi Day – enjoy OTHER pie video’s from JesterZ Improv

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