Phoenix Comedy Classes

JesterZ Improv Comedy Classes

We are coming to an end of what has been a brilliant round of classes. The showcases have been great and the audience attendance for the class showcases has been really high. With all this positiveness, we are very exited to get our next round of comedy classes started.

Advanced Class after a Showcase

Advanced Class after a Showcase

Here is a list of the classes that we have coming:

(step 1) Adult Beginning Improv:
Beginning September 30th
Wednesday night 7-10pm
12 weeks : $350
2 showcases

(step 2) Character Development:
Beginning September 28th
Monday 7-10pm
12 weeks : $350
2 Showcases

(step 3) Adult Advanced Improv:
Beginning October 1st
Thursday 7-10pm
12 weeks : $350
4 showcases

For more information, click on the links above or visit:

We are also working on putting together a Beat & Sketch Improv Class : call: 480-962-9262 if your interested.

All these classes have limited enrollment so call for registration asap: 480-962-9262