Christian Group Activities in Phoenix Arizona

Good Christian Activities in Phoenix

Have you ever been to a comedy show that you were told the performer was christian so the show will be clean, and after 10 minutes you are pretty sure that the person who told you has a different definition of clean? You start to nervously laugh and feel uncomfortable, you look right and left trying to find the quickest exit out of an unfortunate situation.

Phoenix Christian ComedySituations like the one above are why we at Jester’z guarantee that our shows are clean, family appropriate, all-ages appropriate and christian clean. Because our comedy show involved audience suggestions it is essential that we manage the audience in a way that makes sure the show is clean. If someone says something inappropriate, we ask them to stop… if they continue, we ask them to leave, it’s that simple.

Phoenix Christian ActivitiesNow that we have that out of the way, we can tell you about how hilarious our comedy show is! We have been doing clean comedy in Phoenix for over 10 years and have literally hundreds of thousands of satisfied audience members. Visit here to read just a few of the show testimonials.

All our shows are all ages appropriate. Our theater can fit 275 people, so we have room for your large group, just make sure to call ahead and make reservations, we sell out most of our shows. If you have an even larger group that you would like to introduce to the Jester’z, we are available for private parties. Visit our private party section for more details.

Don’t worry about the quality and content of your entertainment any more… come see Jester’Z Improv!

Friday & Saturday: 7pm
Reservations are required: 480-423-0120



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