Phoenix Arts and Entertainment

Phoenix Arts and Entertainment

The city of Phoenix, Arizona is one of the largest and most vibrant cities in the United States. After over 150 years of existence it has transformed from a small village in the middle of the desert to one of the largest, raging metropolises in the country. While many people may think that Phoenix is nothing more than a place to soak up the sun, it is actually the nexus of hundreds of years of art and culture, and is easily the entertainment capital of the state of Arizona.

Phoenix Arts EntertainmentIn the summer temperatures in Phoenix average over 100 degrees, and often times it is even too hot to spend the day outside. On days such as these the residents truly take advantage of all the cultural and artistic venues that the city has to offer. Phoenix is known for its vast influence of Mexican and Latin American culture, as the migration of Latino men and women to this desert paradise has been well documented. This makes for a wonderful array of museums, entertainment and cuisine, all of which can undoubtedly be referred to as art.

The art scene in downtown Phoenix has truly developed into one of the most unique and culturally significant displays in the country. The Phoenix Art Museum offers residents a year-round opportunity to witness festivals, live performances, independent art films and even educational programs. It is a fun, educational experience that is perfect for the whole family. There are many other wonderful museum experiences that are waiting to be explored in Phoenix, including but not limited to, the Heard Museum, the Pueblo Grande Museum and the most recent development, the Musical Instrument Museum.

Jester’Z Improv has been part of the phoenix arts and entertainment since 2001. Our comedy show has been viewed by literally hundreds of thousands of patrons through out Phoenix. We pride ourselves on being part of Phoenix’s local entertainment.

Jester’Z Improv comedy show is based on audience suggestions, the Jester’z know the games but the audience drives what the scenes are about. All our shows are all ages appropriate and absolutely hilarious. Bring your whole family out to what could be the funniest night of your life.

Shows every Friday & Saturday at 7:00pm & 9:00pm, reservations are required: 480-423-0120

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