Phillip Dudley

Born in the greatest decade of human history (the 1980’s), Phillip spent his formative years in the southern graces and humid states of of the Southeastern United States. He dabbled in Improv as a member of Whole World Improv Theatre in Atlanta, GA. His sojourn from Birmingham, to Charlotte, Tuscaloosa, and to Atlanta left him wanting for a more foreign flavor. As such, he traveled to the land of bratwurst, bier, and David Hasselhof Fan Clubs. Yes, he went to Germany. After mastering techno and spitting while talking, he traveled to another foreign land; California.

Feeling he hadn’t lived in enough places, he packed up his surfboard and hair gel to be reborn in the land of the valley of the sun. While in Phoenix, Phillip has been taking classes and Jesterz improv since the fall of 2009 and trying not to “Yes And” his colleagues to much in the office. He likes college football, foreign accents, and talking in the third person.

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