Performing Arts in Scottsdale Arizona

Performing Arts in Scottsdale Arizona

Scottsdale Performing ArtsA couple of things coming to mind when you think of scottsdale. Clubs: Old Town and luxury. However, there is also a huge performing arts culture in Scottsdale, starting with the Scottsdale Center of Performing Arts near Old Town. A the SCOPA, they have a wind variety of performers and performances from year to year.

The theatre where Jester’Z Improv Comedy performers has been a comedy & performing arts theatre sing 1995 when Louis Anthony Russo owned the space as the star theatre and the OxymoronZ performed there. In 2001 the theater became Theater 168 and the Jester’Z started performing there. Ever since 1995 our theater has kept the tradition of doing outstanding performing arts in Scottsdale.

It may come as a surprise but improv comedy is actually a form of performing arts, I know most people don’t think of it that way. Those that get involved in improv quickly discrover that it truly is an art form and not just a parlor trick or a bunch of funny people doing silly things on stage.

Come out a check us out in Scottsdale at the longest running improv theatre in Scottsdale and the Phoenix Metro area.

For schedule and shows times visit here.

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