Musical Improv Comedy | JesterZ Improv

We have made it through our first month doing musical improv with guess performer, Mary Hoffman. It was a lot of fun but even more of a learning experience for us JesterZ. In the past we have occasionally added musical games to our shows but very little with an accompanist.

First, super props to Mary Hoffman and her ability and willingness to play with us. I am sure she was frustrated with us from time to time. She is a super talented musician, song writer and everything… we were very lucky to have her with us.

Second, musical improv comedy is a whole different animal from regular improv comedy. There is a tendency to get up in your head and thing too much about the song or the rhyming patterns, which are important… but not as important as the scene.

Lastly, we have a long ways to go. Occasionally, we will put together a song that is really dynamite, we love it the audience loves it… Mary loves it and all is well. However, sometimes we miss… the audience loves it, we like it and Mary is always nice about it. Conclusion, we will continue to work very hard on musical improv.

Mary Hoffman will be doing a show February 6th, 6pm at Theater 168… this is a great opportunity to catch Mary in a smaller setting before she makes it big! (check out the details below, and check out facebook for a special offer)

Mary Hoffman