Mandy Nielsen

Mandy Nielsen was born and raised in [location]. Her parent’s always told her [insult, probably relating to height] but she knew one day her [super power] and [body feature] would lead to a fulfilling career in improv. She tried to live everyday like [chicken soup quote] so that when she got on stage the audience would applaud her [wittiness-I mean adjective] and would appreciate her ability to connect with [species].

She would like to thank her [loved one] and [deity] and hopes that soon you and her will be as happy as [famous couple with multiple adoptive children].

One thought on “Mandy Nielsen

  • Mandy,
    Thank you for the opportunity to audition for the Jester’Z troupe. I would greatly appreciate learning what areas you feel I need to focus on so that I can continue to hone my craft.
    I look forward to your observations.

    Shane Shellenbarger

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