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If you haven’t already read the “Why A Blog?” section please take the time to wander over there and get a good idea of why we are doing a blog.

Done? Okay, moving on.

There are 3 basic topics we will be talking about here on the blog… I am not going to discuss them in great detail here, three post will follow this week giving a more detailed idea of what we will be talking about. I just want to give a quick run down:

JesterZ Improv Comedy – most of you know that JesterZ Improv does 4 shows a weekend (8 & 10 PM, Fri & Sat). We’ll be posting pictures from shows, about upcoming events… insight into your favorite, or least favorite Jester.

JesterZ Improv Classes – The JesterZ do a whole number of classes at Theater 168. We will also post about different classes, give details about different improv tips and share JesterZ insight into successful techniques used by the JesterZ.

Corporate Events – You know about our weekend shows, but do you know about our Corporate Entertainment, Team Building, Atmosphere Actors Stand-up comedians and so much more…

In short, the JesterZ Blog is going to over a relative smorgasbord of improv information!

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