Jason Gray

(of Studio C)

RETURNS to JesterZ Improv – July 29

We are excited to have Jason back for an encore performance with us!  He understands comedy and improv. He “gets” it!  He’s a blast to work with and amazing to watch as he creates off-the-cuff comedy with our main stage cast.  You’d think he performs weekly with us.

Every scene is over the top with Jason!

90 minutes of non-stop, quick-witted, fast-paced improvised comedy that is great for all ages.  Everyone LOVES Studio C and Jason is surely a favorite.  That said, your group will get a chance to MEET Jason and get a photo with him immediately following the show!

What??  Meet Jason Gray of Studio C???  Be still my heart!

Laugh for 90 minutes straight and then meet Jason face-to-face for picture, autograph or just say hi.

Everyone in attendance will get an opportunity to meet Jason and the JesterZ immediately following the show.  Now, if you want to be the first to MEET HIM and bypass the big line, than get “First & Front” tickets!

First & Front Admission

300+ people will get an opportunity to meet Jason.  First and Front tickets get you a seat in the FIRST 5 rows of seats.  That same group will jump to the FRONT of the line to meet and take photo’s (think of it as a FastPass at Disneyland).  You’ll also receive a limited edition commemorative poster that you can have Jason autograph!!

Previous tickets for this show have SOLD OUT in advance!  Don’t wait!






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