“I’ve got nothing”

Author: Preston Smith

You might think “I’ve got nothing” when you start a scene.

This is actually a good thing. I want to hug people that say that to me!

Saying, “I’ve got nothing” means that you are ready to start listening in a scene. It means that you’re open and ready to create a scene with your scene partner.

“I’ve got nothing”, should be a triumphant exclamation of improv openness! But more often then not, you are telling your scene partner that you have already given up on this scene. All you need to do is rely on your improv experience and training… listening, agreement, emotion, relationship.

We need to stop thinking that, “I’ve got nothing” is a negative thing and start thinking of it as a positive thing.

**disclaimer: part of improv training is also taking care of yourself… when I say, enter a scene with an open mind, I don’t mean you aren’t suppose to take care of yourself, which loosely means have a character, emotion and point of view.

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