Author: Preston Smith

When people hear I do improv the expect me to be much funnier they I actually am. Recently, I was told by a group that I presented to that I was not nearly as funny as they had hoped… they announced prior to my presentation that I do improv (thanks, right?).

Everything-you-need-is-right-thereThe truth is, improv is a team sport, It is hard for me to do improv on my own, I need other people. The pinnacle of improv group performance is referred to as group mind. It is hard to explain what group mind is, but every improvisor that has achieved it, they know what it feels like. It is a lot like being able to finish your best friends sentence.

Group mind is best achieved through, listening and agreement. If you are listening, your will understand and know what needs to happen next in a scene. If you are agreeing, you are able to accept what needs to happen in a scene and provide the important information to make it happen.

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