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Improv Scene Work

We are really excited about our newest level of improv training; Advanced Scene Work or Level 3. The class is really a much needed addition to our already extensive training program. The advanced scene work class really adds the final aspect to a complete improv training program.

With the addition of our level 3 class, we now offer 4 levels of improv training. The levels are as follows:

Level 1 (Beginning Improv Comedy)
Level 2 (Character Development)
Level 3 (Advanced Scene Work)
Level 4 (Performance Prep)

Each class builds on each other to create a whole improv training experience. But more about the Level 3 (Advanced Scene Work)…

Level 3 (Advanced Scene Work) explores scene work at it’s core, including: story arch, initiation, tilt (ie. split, problem, conflict, until one day and about a dozen other names), resolution, group mind, long form development technique, harold, scene exploring, emotional drive along with other aspects of scene work.

This class really represents the continued evolution of the Jester’z Improv training center. We are always looking for new and better ways to give our students the absolute best improv training in the country. For those of you that have been involved in improv comedy for years, you understand the improv is not a one time only training but more of a life long pursuit. We are hoping to provide this same type of atmosphere at our training center as the years go forward.

If you are interested in starting with Jester’z Improv Training Center visit here for a list of classes. Unless you have a lot of experience in improv comedy, we always require that you start at the beginning level.