Improv Comedy Memory’Z…What’s Your Favorite Jester’Z Moment?

On Saturday, July 26th 2014 we will perform our last ever shows in Scottsdale.  As we close our doors for the last time and look forward to all the amazing Jester’Z Memory’Z to come in our new home at Mesa Riverview, we want to take a moment and look back on the past 13 years!

Over 10 million laughs have been LOL’d in our theater…We had folks LOL’ing before it was cool to LOL!…Just

People throughout the valley and beyond have put their trust in the Jester’Z time and time again to help celebrate a birthday or anniversary, to get engaged, to have a clean night out with the family, to have a first date, to just…well…Have “The Funniest Night of Their Life!”

What are your favorite Jester’Z Memory’Z?  We understand picking your favorite Memory’Z might be tough, since there have been so many….So dig deep and share it with us in the comments below.

Get ready to re-live your favorite Jester’Z Memory’Z!

10mil laughs

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2 thoughts on “Improv Comedy Memory’Z…What’s Your Favorite Jester’Z Moment?

  • My husband and I came here with our family on our wedding night (I know weird right, but we got married at 10am, soooo…). We had our bride and groom hats on and the Jesterz performed a skit on how we met which was a cross between Myspace and church since my husband and I still can’t agree on it. Lol. The Jesterz borrowed our hats and in the end the skit was about Myspacechurch and our Pastornaut. It was an awesome and unforgettable ending to our wedding day. : )

    • Thank you so much for sharing Monica. We hope to share many more memory’Z with you and our family. Come see us soon at Riverview.

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