It is common to go to an improLaugh Universityv show and think, “How do they do that?! Can I learn how to do that, too??” The answer to the first question can be discovered by taking an improv class, and the answer to the second is… YES…AND You’re Going to Love It!  Improv comedy classes are a wonderful way to explore your own creativity and ways to express yourself.

We have classes starting for KIDZ, TEENS, & ADULTS the first week of February.  All classes will run for 9 weeks with 8 weeks of instruction and a performance showcase for friends and family on week 9.  Click the links below to learn more and get registered.  We are committed to each and every one of our students at The Jester’Z Training Center, so for this reason we keep our class sizes down to afford students more individualized instruction.

New Classes Starting in February!  Space is limited so REGISTER NOW!