Free Popcorn | 9 years of Phoenix Comedy

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It is interesting that I am actually writing this on the official 9 year anniversary of Jester’Z Improv Comedy. It is hard to believe that we burst onto the Phoenix comedy scene 9 years ago. And although this is our official anniversary date we are officially celebrating this weekend (March 19th & 20th). And we are celebrating by giving free popcorn to every one that comes to Jester’Z Improv Comedy this weekend! Not only have we given free entrance into Jester’Z Improv for all March birthdays, but we are now giving free popcorn this weekend!

BUT I have to warn everyone because we want to be fair… you have to make reservations early! Gone are the days of making reservations the day of. Most of our 8pm shows are sold out the day before or the morning of the show. Particularly this month when we have given free admission to all the March birthdays in Phoenix! So make your reservations ASAP! | 480-423-0120