JesterZ Improv wants you to join us for YOUR birthday celebration.

*JesterZ Improv Main Stage Performances (Fri & Sat 7:00pm) is an ALL AGES SHOW!
This means that no matter how old you are turning, you get in for FREE!

Schedule your party within 6 days (before or after) your birthday and birthday boy/girl gets in for FREE
(must show ID at box office)  CLICK HERE for Calendar of Shows.


  • You can come with 1 friend

  • You can come with 275 friends
  • You can come with a date
  • You can come alone
  • You can also NOT come if this doesn’t interest you…  but let’s be real, a FREE COMEDY SHOW has yet to disinterest anyone!

Our theater can accommodate 275+ people so if you want to REALLY have a party, invite your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even strangers!   Feel free to send them a link via email or social media and let them take care of themselves and purchase their own tickets.  OR, if you are feeling generous you can purchase all the tickets for the entire group!  You may contact us for a group discount if you are purchasing more than 10 tickets (group rates are based on 1 person purchasing ALL tickets and tickets are NON-refundable).   (9:00 or later is also available for Private Event – ask for details)

So!  Whatcha waitin’ fer??  Let’s get this party started!

Grab your party hat!

Bring the little blower thingy that curls up but doesn’t make that annoying noise!

Tell all your friends that YOU are LAUGHING for your birthday!!

And come on down to JesterZ Improv Comedy Club for a night of CLEAN and hilarious COMEDY!


*JesterZ Improv Comedy Club always presents an all-ages, family-friendly, clean comedy show.  No alcohol is permitted or sold.  Free admission NOT VALID for Special Events. (if there’s not a “Birthday Admission” option, it’s most likely a special event – please contact us if you have any questions)