Family Things To Do In Phoenix

Things To Do For Families In Phoenix

As the summer comes to a close, families are finishing up there summer vacation and settling down into school and normal life. AND of course, things to do in Phoenix. Family Things To Do In PhoenixJester’Z Improv is the single best things to do for families in Phoenix. Here are a couple reasons why:

1. Family Friendly Comedy – We are the longest running improv comedy show in Phoenix, and we are also the longest running family friendly comedy show in Phoenix. Bring out all the kids with out having to worry about content.
2. Hilarious Comedy – We are funny, plain and simple. Just read what people have to say here.
3. New Hours – We recently changed our hours from 8pm & 10pm to 7pm & 9pm to accomodate more families.
4. Affordable – All our shows are only $13 a person when purchased online, rather then the $24 of $30 a person you would pay for a Sunsplash or a Castles and Coasters.

All our shows are made up on the spot, nothing is scripted, nothing is rehearsed… all suggestions come from the audience!

Come and check out an evening the whole family can enjoy.

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