our friend EVIE CLAIR
as she has just advanced to
America’s Got Talent SemiFinals!!

America’s darling, #EvieClair is making headlines the world over as she makes her mark on the AGT stage and the semi-finals.

Evie Clair and the Abplanalp family have been regulars at JesterZ Improv for many years.  They have been so supportive of our theater over the years, that they are like family around here.  We’ve watch as Evie and her siblings have grown up over the years laughing together as a family.

With the recent events on #AGT, we have got to share this moment with Evie Clair from a recent JesterZ show that was so funny!    Check out this scene as Jason Gray of Studio C takes the suggestion of building a skyscraper and Evie Clair has to provide the sound effects for him.  This is from our FB live video.

Not only can she SING, but her Sound Effects skills are Top Notch!!  What do you think Simon Cowell would say?  “She’ll make you laugh!  She’ll make you cry!  She’s got it all!!  Love her!”

And JesterZ Improv DOES love her and her family.

Our best wishes to her on this journey!  #TeamAmos we are with you all the way.  Thank you for sharing your light and strength with us and the world.

Stay tuned!  We are anticipating Evie’s return to the JesterZ stage for some IMPROVISED songs!!  (if she’s not too big for lil’ ol’ us).

READ MORE about Evie and her family HERE.  Show them some love in the comments.