Emotion and Relationship | Improv Comedy

Phoenix Improv Classes
Initiations are the foundation of an improv scene. The who, what and where. It is important to get the initiation established as quickly as possible. I want to mainly focus on “the who” in this little post because it is the who that establishes relationship, which is paramount in scene work.

Sometimes relationship is confused with emotion. Scenes will start with two strangers yelling at each other about some”thing” rather then the relationship. Part of the problem is that scenes often start with strangers that don’t know each other… This is not a relationship, it is certainly a “who” but the who should be more then a just the names of people in a certain situation, they should be relationships based on history and connection. Often when scenes are started without a relationship and emotions are added, the emotions don’t make sense, they are unfounded, forced and misleading.

Establishing a scene with strong relationships will allow you to bring strong emotions into the scene, emotions that will make sense within the structure of the scene. This emotion will define the relationship even further and the scene will continue to grow as relationship and emotion define it.