Day Four: $7 Gift Certificates (No Limit)

Is there a better gift for Christmas then the gift of laughter? We submit that there is not!

Every year this is by far our best deal! $7 gift certificates (or one show admissions, $13 dollar value) (no limit)… you can buy as many of these as your would like! 10,000 seems like a good round number. Our gift certificates make great stocking stuffers, gifts for neighbors or end of year employee/co-worker gifts! Or just by them for yourself, get enough and they will keep you laughing all year!

**all gift certificates are valid from January 1 2013 – December 31st 2014. They can’t be used for special events (Christmas Day & Weekend, Thanksgiving Day & Weekend, Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July Show, Valentines Day).


One thought on “Day Four: $7 Gift Certificates (No Limit)

  • The perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. My family, ages 5 to well… progressing in years…. went last night and laughed for a 90 solid minutes. Jesterz is great at any price. My grandkids talked about the improve sketches till 2am, yes that’s right 2am( an all nighter at grandmas). This is a great deal.

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