Corporate Team Building

Jester’Z Improv is a professional improv comedy troupe that also provides corporate team building for clients all around Arizona, Utah and California.

Jester’Z Corporate Training provides training to individuals and teams that dramatically improve workplace performance. Whether on stage or in the office, people want to enjoy working together. Improvisational teambuilding skills offer a FUN learning environment for participants to create, connect & communicate. Our training is more effective than traditional training because it is experiential and focuses on the team enjoying itself while learning. It is also universally enjoyed by participants who may resist more traditional training methods.

Improv troupes live and die by teamwork. Learn the principles of agreement, group mind and listening that help them create hilarious performances right on the spot. This workshop explores the fundamental principles of improvisation. Using Theater exercises and improv techniques to help participants:

  • trust
  • relax
  • open up
  • reduce fear
  • build on ideas
  • no judging
  • cooperate
  • solve problems
  • put ego aside
  • work for a common goal
  • have a lot of fun