Corporate Improv Training

3 Uses for Corporate Improv Training

Corporate Improv TrainingIn the modern corporate age, many different ways of training employees are being adapted. One of those ways is through improv techniques. There are a number of examples of companies that use improv training to improv, sales, work relationships and even creativity.

So, how does it work?

Well, improv isn’t just about making people laugh… in fact there is much more to it then just “make stuff up as you go”. The principles are universal and can be applied to work situation. Below is a list of a couple ways that improv training can help a corporation.

1. Listening – From a sales perspective this is huge because if you are not fully listening to your customers, you don’t know what they need or want. I am not just talking about listening verbally, I am talking about listening to the voice inflections, body language and being able to pick up on little hints that tell you what a client is thinking. Listening in improv is vital, you have to listen to what your scene partner is saying in order to respond, rather then thinking ahead, trying to guess what you need to say.

2. Team Work – The best teams are the ones that work together to create. Improv is a team sport, not one individual on a stage is more important then another. In improv we call working together the group mind, being able to predict each others actions and being there to support each other. Imagine if your team could work together in a seamless manner as if there were a well oil machine.

Corporate Improv Team Building3. Yes and… – One of the most important principles of improv is the principle of agreement (Yes and…). Simply put, this means you say yes to everything. (“I want to go to the store.”, “Yes and lets get pickles while we are there.”) Try something in your next creative meeting, say yes to everything, no matter how absurd. Continue you to say yes, yes, yes until your reach some awesome point of creativity. Saying yes actually increases your creativity.

There are many other ways the principles of improv can be implemented into your company. And that is just want we do. Since 2001 we have been performing and doing training for corporations all over the country (client list). We would love to talk to you about how improv principles can add value to your company. Call us for pricing and availability at: 480-423-0120 or fill out the form to the right.

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