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5 reason why JesterZ Improv should be at your company’s event

JesterZ Improv
Customized Comedy :
By nature improv adapts to the surroundings it is in. Therefore it makes sense that when the JesterZ visit you at your location, certain aspect of the show will be driven by your company’s culture. Who is the joker at your work, what little quirks do your co-workers have and what is your bosses day like? Give us these things and we will create comedy genius right there on the spot. There is nothing in the Phoenix area that provides this type of personalized experience for the employees of a company!

Experience / Professionalism :
JesterZ Improv has been performing at corporate functions in Phoenix, Flagstaff, Tucson and other outlying areas for the past 9 years, with well over 200 corporate shows  per year. Our performers are the same performers you see at the JesterZ Improv shows on the weekends, we DO NOT outsource our comedy to anyone! Check out our list of clients!

People Will Actually Want to Attend :
I know you laugh at this one, but this is the honest truth. We have had clients who book us year after year after year because if their employees know we are going to be there, it will be fun. The experience will be something people talk about for years to come!

Family Friendly = Corporate Friendly :
HR departments are a wonderful thing, except after the Christmas Party when they have to sit everyone down and explain why “so and so” said what he did at the party and how he is sorry and hopes he didn’t scar anyone’s kids for life and so on… We only know clean comedy. Period. With no exceptions, your comedy show will be clean, family friendly comedy.

Breaking Out of the Norm :
There is really nothing like bringing JesterZ Improv to your company party or event. Put best by University of Phoenix, one of our clients, “In a world of ordinary corporate outings and lame office pot-lucks, your smart, customized performance inspired laughter and created memories we are sure to discuss around many a water cooler for years to come.”

If you are interested in getting more information, please call: 480-962-9262 | we would love to have you come to a show and sample the type of experience available at JesterZ Improv.

BUT HURRY, our Fall calendar is filling up fast!

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